• Professional recordings at your fingertips. Explicit Flow is an innovative and easy-to-use time slider created with a view to making timeless pictures.
    The drive allows you to create time lapses, record and play movement, control shutter speed and also regulate the smoothness of acceleration.
  • 2 versions of drive: electric or mechanical

    3 lengths: 70 cm, 100 cm or 150 cm
  • Digital limitations. Do you want the slider to always stop at the same point? Set the cart in the place that should be the end position and press “length” in tools. The slider will measure the distance between the edge and the new point of reference and prevent movement outside this range.
  • Intelligent time lapses. Set the cart in any position, and start a time lapse. The slider will measure the position of the camera and adjust the distance it must cover between shots.
  • Conservation of energy. The slider is a low-energy device for increased battery life and environment friendly. The screen has a screensaver and Bluetooth 4.0 module, and the user can regulate the power supplied to the slider to optimize the amount of energy consumed.
  • High-quality bearings
    Explicit Flow uses high-quality, Japanese bearings. The slider effortlessly lifts even the heaviest cameras.
  • Adjustment of slider length. Mount the new set of pipes, move the cart to a marginal position and switch on the “length” option in tools. The cart will move over the entire slider and measure its new length, adjusting all recording programmes to the new length.
  • Simple interface. The three main modes – Video, Photo and Options – can be operated through one knob and button. Turning the knob changes the settings, pushing the knob confirms your choice and pushing the button revokes your choice.
  • The replaceable 25 mm diameter pipes are made from carbon fibre, the interface is transparent thanks to a 2.2 inch TFT screen, and the whole device can be operated by remote control through Bluetooth 4.0 and apps for iOS and Android.
  • The flywheel adds inertia to the mechanical slider, so that the slider accelerates and brakes harder, forcing the user to do move smoothly.
  • Shutter time regulation. Do you dream of time lapses with streaks instead of stars? From now on there’s no need to use a camera pilot! Simply switch the shutter to “bulb” and select the “shutter” option on the slider in order to pick one of the dozen available shutter times.
  • Electronical brake. The “safety brake” function helps keep the cart at one point on the slider. While operating in time lapse and video modes, the screen shows information about battery level, slider marginal position warnings and the status of the electronical brake.
Would you like to test the slider before buying? We allow you test and rent the slider, to check that it gives your images a professional look.
The rental price of mechanical slider 100 PLN net/day
The rental price of electronical slider 150 PLN net/day
by Mimigroup